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FAO Statement Opening Ceremony
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11.9.2003 Final Programe was added on program page
Information about public transport in Prague (from airport to buses to Brno) was added on location page
27.8.2003 Preliminary Programe was added on program page
Information about possibilities renting a car on Prague airport are now available on location page
New information about buses from Prague to Brno on location page
This inforamtion is also on location page
Czech Airlines are pleased to inform you that they became the official carrier of the DIGITAL EARTH 2003 Symposium.
As the official carrier, CSA offers discounts on air tickets for the foreign participants of the conference. To use these discounts, it is necessary to meet specified conditions, which are mentioned below.
Conference discounts will apply for all CSA lines (except OK 3000 – 4999, which are operated by the third party carriers) from the participant place of residence or from transfer point to the Czech Republic and back.
The discounts are applicable only to flights beginning at the latest a week before the beginning of the conference and ending at the latest a week after the event ends.
The offered discount is 25 per cent off the business fare and 15 per cent off the applicable economy class fare.
The discounts are also mentioned in the CSA distribution system under the name Conference and are applicable throughout the CSA commercial offices abroad after the submission of the organizers invitation letter or copy of paid registration fee.
Addresses, contacts, flight schedules and other information on CSA are presented on our WWW:
New information about EXCURSION to Moravian Karst was added to other information page
On registration page are new versions of registration forms (rtf / doc / pdf) in case You want to pay by CREDIT CARD. You have to  send us registration form in printed version.
Update of accepted papers on program page
List of Keynote speakers was added on program page
List of accepted papers was added on program page
GISIG meeting will be organized at the time of DE symposium.
Information about way of payment were added to registration page
17.6.2003 Mr. Ralf Dreyer, the new Embassador of the EU in the Czech Republic will give a speech in the symposium opening ceremony
14.5.2003 NASA's Geospatial Interoperability Office is proud to announce NASA's platinum sponsorship of the DE Symposium in Brno.

Two important American scientists, Prof. Francisco Ayala and Prof. Hana Ayala, plan to participate on the symposium.  Professor Francisco Ayala received from President Bush the National Medal of Science in 2002 and was a member of President Clinton's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). Dr. Hana Ayala created the TCR (tourism -conservation-research) economic-development model that she translated into a national blueprint for the Republic of Panama.

The representatives of the two most significant companies in GIS, i.e. Intergraph and ESRI, plant their personal attendance on the meeting. Keynote speaker in behalf of Intergraph will be Mrs. Preetha Pulusani and in behalf of ESRI, Mr. Jack Dangermond

An important role in the symposium administration belongs to Joint Research Centre in ISPRA, Italy. Dr. Alessandro Annoni will present a paper in the course of DE. JRC is also one of the sponsors of the symposium.

American FGDC so as Global Spatial Data Infrastructure program will also be presented in the symposium. The papers will be presented by Mr. Alan R. Stevens.

Number of representatives of leading scientific organizations will take part on the program. We shall mention GSDI Ex-president Dr. Santiago Borrero from Columbia, representatives of International Cartographic Association under the leadership of Prof. Ferjan Ormeling, general secretary of the ICA.

We will greet many significant Chinese researchers including famous academician Chen Shupeng, the pioneer of remote sensing in China and founder of seven scientific institutions working in the field of remote sensing. Among other researchers belong academicians Deren Li, Prof. Liao Ke and Shaoxian Ni. Prof. Tien-Rein Lee, from Taiwan, Director/Centre for Information & Communications Chinese Culture University in Taipei is also expected.

In the part of the program "Global Society Dialogue" we are going to meet the founder of this initiative, Prof. Franz-Josef Rademacher

Also the representatives of the Club of Rome, led by Prof. Raoul Weiler, are goint to visit this symposium.

Thai princess Honour Doctor Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Honour President of Geographic Society of Thailand and Remote Sensing Society of Thailand was also invited for the participation on the conference.
Four ministries of the Czech government have promised to participate on the symposium on the ministerial level: Mr. Cyril Svoboda, vice-premier and minister of Foreign affairs, Mr. Vladimír Mlynář, minister of informatics, Mr. Libor Ambrozek, minister of Environment, and Mr. Pavel Němec, minister of regional development, and also vice-minister of the interior, Mr. Josef Postránecký

DE symposium is held in the co-operation with the Cartographic Society of the Czech Republic

The symposium is organized in the co-operation with the Czech Association for Geoinformation

The partner of the symposium is an influential international organization CODATA and newly established Codata CR.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) would like to organize a workshop at the time of DE Symposium

Open GIS Consorcium (OGC) will also participate in Digital Earth Symposium
On-line accommodation registration - if You are not registered on DE 2003 Symposium, please go through on-line registration form first (see below).
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Preliminary Conference schedule was released
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